Is Your Garbage Too Big To Put In A Normal Household Trash Can?

What Should I Know about Junk Removal?

One of the important things to know when moving into a new neighborhood is how trash or junk removal is handled. This can involve knowing when the local municipality picks up trash in the area, what type of containers are acceptable, and limitations on the type of refuse that the sanitation workers are allowed to pick up. Here are a few of the things you should know about the process of trash or junk removal when you move into a new city, town, or area.

Today, communities operate some kinds of waste management service. The service could be operated as part of the sanitation department with the city government like water and sewage or a waste management department. In small towns, removal may be handled by contracting the service to a waste management company, or junk collector. Knowing who handles the removal will help you to know who should be contacted in the event you have questions.

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